Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas is but 23 days away!

Time flies when we are all so busy at this time of year. Though it seems to fly by all year around these days…

However, this time of year we tend to reflect a little & focus a bit more on our families & friends when choosing just the right gift to say ‘I love you & appreciate you being in my life’.

To help you along I am going to have a Christmas sale along with all the other ‘sales’ that are out there to tempt you. 7 days with 7 different discounts on offer.

From receipt of this newsletter until midnight on the 10th December (1 week only) I will provide the following discounts whilst stocks last:

30% off all Pam Clarke books & DVD’s
30% off all Sharon Schamber CD’s, DVD’s
20% off all Constantine Quilts no frills rulers
15% off Sewline products
10% off all Renae Haddadin & Jamie Wallen Rulers
10% off all Beba Cutting mats
10% off all other DVD’s & books whilst stocks last.

Please place ‘XMAS2014’ in the comments box when ordering to obtain your discounts!

Full pricing will remain on the website & the discounts will be calculated when your invoice is raised.

Now onto what is NEW at Constantine Quilts! I had these debut at AMQ Festival but have finally got more stock in & put them on the website…

Point 2 Point Layout tool$45.00 $40.00 (only for 7 days in the xmas sale)

No Rulers, tape measures or calculators needed!
Simply expand the Point 2 Point mechanism find the ideal spacing’s and lock in the 9-point marking positions. Now those spacing’s can be transferred to other components, or across a larger work piece. The Point 2 Point Mk2 extends 7 markers over a maximum distance of 28”, maintaining an equal distance between each mark. Using marks 1, 4 and 7 you can also easily find the centre of any space. In addition to its original use in woodworking, it can be used for any craft that requires  neat, equal subdivisions – like sewing, quilting, patchwork and also baking. It is usable both right and left handed. To mark out positions on even wider spaces, simply divide the panel into equal sections of less than 28” and then subdivide with Point 2 Point. Always expand the tool fully and then compress to the final size.
Made in Great Britain.

P2P tool


Curved X-Hatch – Perfect circles ruler

Curved Cross-hatching will give your quilt a nice soft feel as opposed to the look provided by straight cross-hatching. You can apply this treatment to either a full block or as a fill in for the centre of an un-quilted area.
This tool requires very little practice to become proficient and produces a neat, clean look. It’s all about the details! BONUS is the included perfect circles 1/4”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1” & 1 1/2”.
Using the pinholes in this ruler – score a straight line at 90 deg from the base and again at both the 45 deg lines. Position the crosshair on the centre line of the Curved Cross-hatching tool, and stitch the portion of the curve that goes through the corners. Then move the tool down until the stitched line is directly under edge of the tool. If you want 1/2 inch spacing between the lines, then move it to a point 1/4” from the edge of the template along the 90deg line. If you want 3/4 inch spacing, then move it to 1/2” from the edge of the template. Continue up until you have the entire block covered. Then repeat this process going from left to right until it looks like the picture on the left.

Curved CH 1Curved CH 2Curved CH 3

Experiment with the placement of your crosshairs on your chosen area that you want to fill with curved crosshatching.

The procedure is the same, except you can sometimes use a steeper curve if the design doesn’t go all the way to the corners.
The following is an example of what it would look like inside of an overlapped portion of a circle shape.

Curved CH 4
• Another idea would be, instead of marking the alignment lines to go up and down, left and right, you could mark them to go at a diagonal.
• Otherwise, just experiment with different angles, curves, cross hatching inside of shapes, outside of shapes, etc.

1/4” thick ruler for use with longarm machines

Design templates – NEW!!

1/8" thick now available for use with rotary cutters & designing quilting designs and applique shapes. These are included in the Constantine Quilts no frills rulers xmas sale as well… visit the website to view more information on these.

Nested skinny ovals

Nested Ovals 12″ x 6″ set : DESIGN templates

Nested Ovals

Nested Ovals 12″ x 8″ set : DESIGN templates

Nested Hearts

Nested Hearts 2″-10″ : DESIGN templates

Nested diamonds

Nested Diamonds 1″ – 6″ sides : DESIGN templates

Nested triangles

Nested Triangles 1″ – 9″ sides : DESIGN templates

Nested hexagons

Nested Hexagons 1″ -6″ sides : DESIGN templates

Small circle set

Nested circles 1 1/2″ – 7 1/2″ DESIGN templates

Large circle set

Nested Circles 1″ – 12″ DESIGN templates


I now stock a large variety of 20 different Sewline products for you to enjoy.
Please visit the Sewline page to see all that is available right now & enjoy the xmas sale by stocking up on your favourite supplies.

15% discount on all these until 10th December.


Please enjoy this special time of the year with family & friends and have a great time shopping for that perfect gift! Don’t forget to treat yourself at the same time as YOU are special too.

Keep quilting…


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