Sunday, September 21, 2014

10 days until AMQ Festival commences!

I have so much to pack for you to see, touch & buy & only a week to get it all ready to go in our huge trailer to Adelaide.

There will be new books, rulers & gadgets to explore at Festival. Some will only be arriving on the eve of opening, so I won’t be able to get them on my website until we are home again.

I will be taking a small selection of the larger Beba’s cutting mats down with me BUT if you would like to pre-order/purchase, then I can ensure that there is one there with your name on it to collect & save on all that postage.

Beba's Cutting Mat 32 x 60

Beba's Cutting Boards – The fine quality of Beba's Cutting Boards is the result of years of testing and are superior to others in many ways. It will withstand the hot sun or the cold winters . It will not warp or crack after exposure to severe temperature change!

These cutting boards can be rolled up for easy storage, put in the trunk of your car and under normal room temperature, the "memory" will allow the mat to relax and return to its original flat state. Pin patterns and fabrics to the cutting board to prevent slippage or crawling as you cut. The red 1" grid lines extend an inch beyond the numbers for reference points when fabric is covering the centre portion of the board.

These mats come in 7 sizes including those made for Long arm tables that are 10ft & 12ft long.

SPECIAL Price for rolls of Hobbs Batting for pickup at AMQ Festival only. This is for full rolls that are pre-ordered only.

Hobbs batting specials - for guild members personal use

New books to drool over! All with a similar theme of course…

You can quilt it!

You Can Quilt It! – Stunning Free-Motion Quilting Designs Made Easy


by Deborah M Poole

From the award-winning expert whose masterful quilting appears on many of Kim Diehl’s popular projects, here is your guide to creating beautiful machine-quilting designs. Deborah M. Poole has the motto “You can do it,” and in this book she shows you how.

“Deborah’s wonderful designs, and the precision with which she stitches them, are truly the icing on the cake when I make my quilts. Her knowledge, expertise, and approachable techniques make it possible to elevate even the simplest of quilts into heirlooms.”—Kim Diehl

  • Follow step-by-step instructions to make feathers, create curved cross-hatching, and fit a design to the quilt border—on either a long-arm or home sewing machine
  • See well-illustrated examples of the thread path and achieve such uniform freehand designs that they’ll look computer generated
  • Gain the skill and confidence to tackle a difficult pattern; Deborah makes artistic designs simple to stitch
easy & fun free motion quilting

Easy and Fun Free-Motion Quilting – Frames, Fillers, Hundreds of Ideas


by Eva Larkin

Turn stippling and simple lines into fabulous designs! By focusing on only one block or area at a time–rather than the whole quilt at once–Eva A. Larkin makes it easy to create eye-catching free-motion quilting. Enjoy this eagerly awaited follow-up to the best-selling Free-Motion Quilting Made Easy.

  • Select from six different frame styles that can be stitched in any quilt-block size–without tracing or resizing
  • Use each frame design on its own, enhance it with filler designs, or outline the frame and/or filler with stitching, opening up hundreds of design options
  • Find a sequence of clear illustrations for each design, showing the order to stitch for both outlining and filling
Make your own quilting designs

Make Your Own Quilting Designs and Patterns


by Judy Woodworth

Let your quilting designs be as creative as you are-learn how to design your own quilting patterns! Award-winning longarm quilter Judy Woodworth explains so much in one book: How to translate inspiration into quilting designs, Different methods for making and marking quilting patterns, How to draw patterns in miniature or full size, Ways to mark wholecloth quilts. Plus, she includes how to draft a Mariner’s Compass or Star for a wholecloth quilt, ways to quilt thread-painted quilts, and provides 18 ready-to-use quilting patterns for the tentative reader.

freemotion-on home sewing machine

Free Motion Quilting On Your Home Sewing Machine


With lavish illustration and step-by-step photographs, Kent Mick’s 32- page booklet shows all that’s needed to get started Free Motion Quilting On Your Home Sewing Machine! In addition to a complete supply list, you’ll build confidence through eight practice exercises and learn Kent’s easy techniques. Quilting on your home machine is fun; learn these basics and you’re on your way!

fabulous feathers & fillers

Fabulous Feathers & Fillers: Design & Machine Quilting Techniques


by Sue Nickels

If facing a blank quilt sends you running for the security of a boring all over quilting pattern, this book will cure you. Sue comprehensively addresses supplies for designing, marking, basting, and free-motion quilting. Then she covers designing and quilting several types of feathers: Simple feathers, feathers to fit border, feathers with curved spines, motif-style feathers, feathers for wholecloth. After discussing fillers such as stippling, she describes how to machine quilt on a home machine and concludes with practice exercises and 9 projects to build skills and experience.

501 quilting motifs

501 Quilting Motifs – From the Editors of Quiltmaker Magazine – (Hardcover)


A must-have resource for every quilter, this collection features 501 quilting motifs selected from more than 26 years of Quiltmaker magazine. What a value! Now quilters of all levels can finish gorgeous, one-of-a-kind quilts. Handy indexes cross-reference each motif by size and style, so finding the perfect one is quick and easy.

  • Get clear guidelines for selecting and transferring motifs
  • Find quilting-motif categories such as flowers, feathers, vines and leaves, seasonal and holidays, children and teens, geometric designs, and more
  • Discover well over a thousand arrangements featuring the motifs

More twice quilted designs

More Twice-Quilted Designs: For Continuous-Line Quilting


Featuring 20 spectacular continuous-line designs, this title is a must-have for quilters everywhere. Rediscover the joys of continuous line quilting with this superb new collection of 20 beautiful interlacing designs – simply stitch the first design in one colour to quilt the layers together and then add the second design in a different colour for a spectacular finish. Featuring complete instructions for tracing, transferring, and sewing, you’ll soon be mixing and matching various components to create your own wonderful designs.

The trailer will be packed by the end of this week, so please get any orders in to me by Friday at the latest to be included in the packing for you to collect at Festival.

We are so excited to be able to bring all our products for you to see & take home with you.

Until next time…


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