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CQ News May 2011

Home  again from a wonderful 2 weeks  in Salt Lake City,  Utah.  Thank you so much to all my wonderful students &  friends  at  HMQS.  This show is one of the  friendliest ones that I love  to  keep coming back to!

Just before I left I received a shipment of Karen McTavish’s  new  book  -  Custom  Curves!  The  current  exchange  rates  mean  that  the  price  is  fantastic….

Custom Curves

Custom Curves by Karen McTavish - available now!

Patterns for Borders, Corners, Blocks and Sashing & Curved Crosshatching for Everywhere Else

In this book Karen McTavish offers you 128 unlimited use designs, including 5 complete wholecloth designs from 27 original elements to help you make truly unique quilts.

On the included DVD, Karen invites one of the quilting world's best innovators, Ronda K. Beyer, to teach her curved crosshatching technique. Together they teach a 65 minute lesson. No matter if you quilt by hand or machine, the designs and lessons in this book will inspire you to express your artistic talents through quilting.

Just like in The Secrets of Elemental Quilting, the patterns in Custom Curves will be unlimited use. You may use these patterns as many times as you like in any of your artistic or custom quilting ventures.

This book is softcover, 96 pages, 128 unlimited use patterns, and includes a 65 minute DVD. It retails for $36.00

Price: $AU36.00

Just arrived whilst I was away!

Red Snappers


Load those leaders in a snap see video

Red Snappers are a system to load quilt tops and backs on machine quilting frames. 

This rod and clamp system is available to fit 12' ($85) and 14' ($95) quilting frames.  The set has rods and clamps designed to fit on three rollers.  It eliminates the need for pins, staples, Velcro, zippers or basting.  Quilt tops and backs are placed over the rod (inside a casing of the canvas leader) and the clamp is "snapped" down to hold the fabric securely.  Make sure to specify your quilting frame length.  Red Snappers are developed with Clip-n-Seal a patent pending design.


10' set is actually 114" (not currently available in Australia)

12' set is actually 132"

14" set is actually 144"

This is to accommodate the width of the carriage, machine handles and pole configurations of different machines.

Price: $AU85.00 for  12ft and  $95.00  for  14ft  tables.

Also  available  are  extra 2”  clamp  sets  for  $7.50   for  6  pieces


Don’t  forget the amazing classes  on offer  from Sharon  Schamber  in August  2011!  Places  are  filling  so  book  now  to  avoid  disappointment.

Sharon Schamber lecture


Come & see  us  at  Australian  Quilt  & Craft  Expo  at  Rosehill   Gardens  Pavillion, Sydney  on  Sat  18th -  Sun  19th June.  We  will  have  the  A1  elite along  with  another A1 with  the IQ  attached  so that  you can  have  a  hands  on  playtime  at  the  show.

If  there  are  any supplies that  you  specifically  would  like me  to  bring  over  to  pick up at  the  show  then  please  let me  know  before  14th June.

The Australian dollar is simply amazing at the moment! Take advantage of this and order your A1 Elite Professional Package today! Price is under $20,000 and includes setup & training by an experienced quilter. Limited number of machines are in stock for immediate delivery. Price always subject to exchange rates until paid in full.

The Intelliquilter is now available for HQ Avante 18,  Prodigy, Proto & Innova quilting machines....

If anyone is even contemplating purchasing an A1 Longarm quilting machine or an IntelliQuilter computerised system that will go on  'any' brand longarm machine, then don't hesitate to contact me!! Prices are subject to exchange rates at all times.

Announcing the brand new Horizon 31” throat A1 Quilting Machine! This is now available to play on in my studio. We can show you what it can do with the Intelliquilter attached as well as the famous smooth movement whilst in freehand mode.


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