Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Christmas & a safe New Year to all…

What a season! We should be well on our way through harvesting  our  crops by now, but  this year  it has been stop/start /stop with rain, storms & more. We have barely started & now all our grain  is threatened by the weather, downgrading due  to quality & that  is IF we  can reap it?? My  prayers  go out  to  all those in  NSW  & Vic with way more  severe  flooding that  us!

I  am  sitting at  an  airport  yet again on my way to some  excited customers that are getting their  Intelliquilters installed this week. Any orders received whilst I am away will be sent next Tuesday.

We have been very  busy in our household editing & preparing the AMQ Festival  DVD of photos. All those that  were pre-ordered were posted out on  Monday  this week. There  is  still time  to  order one to put  under the Christmas  tree if you want  to!  Emma  is home & can post  them  out whilst I am away.

Quite a few customers have asked me to  provide some thread as they  are  unable to find it locally? I  am  pleased to advise that  I now have available  Wonderfil Specialty threads ranges of   100wt  soft  Polyester Invisafil &  50wt fine 100% cotton Tutti variegated cottons.   Visit the  website  to view  the colour charts & specifications.

My plane is  boarding  so have  to go  to  work!

I  trust you  will all have a  blessed &  Merry  Christmas  with your  loved ones  &  a  safe & exciting New  Year!



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