Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New stock has finally arrived!

My shipping container is here & carried back to the farm. Not everything is unpacked, but I can let you know that I now have all the different sizes of Beba Cutting mats back in stock.

Beba's Cutting Mat 24 x 36

Beba’s Cutting Boards – The fine quality of Beba’s Cutting Boards is the result of years of testing and are superior to others in many ways. It will withstand the hot sun or the cold winters . It will not warp or crack after exposure to severe temperature change!

These cutting boards can be rolled up for easy storage, put in the trunk of your car and under normal room temperature, the “memory” will allow the mat to relax and return to its original flat state. Pin patterns and fabrics to the cutting board to prevent slippage or crawling as you cut. The red 1″ grid lines extend an inch beyond the numbers for reference points when fabric is covering the center portion of the board.

There are 7 different sizes available.



Mastering the Art of McTavishing Expanded & Revised is a new edition of Karen’s most popular book.


Expanding on the original edition of Mastering the Art of McTavishing, Karen showcases her signature stitch on Modern Quilts, Appliqué, Art Quilts, Apparel, Wholecloth and Pieced quilts. The book includes TWO detailed DVDs of Karen teaching the process, step-by-step, of adding and using McTavishing in your quilts. Contributing quilters are longarmers (stand up quilters), domestic machine quilters (sit down quilters) and hand quilters.

Karen states in the book intro,

I started to use this style of “free-flowing, meandering movement of long lines and shapes” in my customer quilts. I found that using this style of background filler looked really good in conjunction with contemporary appliqué. I was active on an email chat group for longarm quilters and some of them had seen my quilting style and began to talk about what it should be called. The term “McTavishing” was suggested by a group member. I was flattered but also pretty embarrassed. The name stuck and now I receive emails from all over the country asking how to do this “McTavishing.”

The author’s namesake stitch makes a quilt look and feel as if it has motion and texture. The inspiration for this style of quilting comes from Art Nouveau artist, Alfonse Mucha. Author, Karen McTavish, adapted Mucha’s curvy, stylized art form into a free-hand background filler quilting design. The effect was electric on the quilting community and in judged competition.

Mastering the Art of McTavishing instructs the quilter on adding this technique to any quilt or garment, from traditional wholecloth to contemporary art quilts, for use by hand, domestic machine, or longarm quilters.

Lessons from the author combined with interviews of accomplished hand and domestic machine quilters on the DVDs* give the reader an unparalleled view of the quilting process. Every aspect of how to use McTavishing is compiled in the book and in the accompanying DVDs*.

The book is softcover, full colour, 128 pages, includes TWO DVDs,

Price: $44-

Also back in stock are Karen’s other two books:

Custom Curves & The Secrets of Elemental Quilting

Custom CurvesThe Secrets of Elemental Quilting

Twice I have ordered & sold out of the following books! More have arrived for those waiting for them to come in…

Fill Harmonics by Sue HeinzFill Harmonics by Sue Heinz web

Brimming with over 35 unique edge-to-edge, grid work, clamshell variations and circular grid designs, this is bound to be your next favourite ‘go to’ book for beautiful background designs.

48 pages, spiral bound.

View a fantastic tutorial by Sue on just one of the designs in this book!

Price: $45-

We have restocked our supply of Red Snappers!


Load those leaders in a snap see  video

Red Snappers are a system to load quilt tops and backs on machine quilting frames.

This rod and clamp system is available to fit 10′ ($80), 12′ ($85) and 14′ ($95) quilting frames.  The set has rods and clamps designed to fit on three rollers.  It eliminates the need for pins, staples, Velcro, zippers or basting.  Quilt tops and backs are placed over the rod (inside a casing of the canvas leader) and the clamp is “snapped” down to hold the fabric securely.  Make sure to specify your quilting frame length.  Red Snappers are developed with Clip-n-Seal a patent pending design.


10′ set is actually 114″ (perfect for Handi Quilter machines)

12′ set is actually 132″

14″ set is actually 144″

This is to accommodate the width of the carriage, machine handles and pole configurations of different machines.

There will be quite a few more NEW products in the upcoming week that I will let you all know about once I have them on the website.

The A1 Platinum machine is here in stock! This new machine has the absolute most amazing stitch regulator on the market today… Retrofit your existing A1 Elite is also an option. Limited retrofits are also in stock. Please email for prices – subject to exchange rates.

00743 A1QM Platinum Broch No Bleed.02

Some handy tips:

1. Dry slivers of bar soap makes great lines on dark fabric.
2. By signing one’s name in pencil and then embroidering over it, not only is the name recorded but a sample of the person’s handwriting is preserved.
3. Attach your quilt label on the back before you quilt the layers together. The quilt stitches will integrate the label into the project and prevent anyone from removing it later!

I’ll keep unpacking & be back soon….



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