Monday, August 6, 2012

It’s August already!

Time sure does fly by when you are busy. I do hope the cold weather is producing lots of quilts?

I have lots of new products that have recently arrived that I will gradually be putting on my website. Also for those patiently waiting I have now got the following back in stock.

- All sizes of Beba Cutting mats PLUS 2 new sizes for longarm machine tables.

Beba's Longarm cutting mat 10ft & 12ft

Beba's Longarm cutting mat 10ft

Beba's Boutique have recently introduced their new long arm mats for long arm quilting machines. The cutting mat material is of the same quality and refinement you've come to expect from them.

We offer both a 10' and 12' size with very readable black lines and artwork. Each size comes in two pieces, a right and a left side. For example, the 10' long arm mat has a right side with inch marks going left to right from 0" to 60" and a left side with inch marks going right to left from 0" to 60" to provide a total length of 10'. Both sizes are rolled and shipped for easy handling and storage.

Price: $AU185.00  for 10ft

Price: $AU220.00  for 12ft

I also have some 11ft long cutting mats with A1 Quilting machine logo on them for $200- These are in one piece only. Please email if you are interested in these ones.

Featherlight Clamps

Featherlight Clamps

Price: $AU35.00

Renae Haddadin Red Snappers & Extra clamps are back in stock.

Bendable Bright Lights

We now have A1 Elite longarm quilting machines with 12ft tables available for delivery and the prices are amazing at the current exchange rate. Email for prices as they vary daily with the exchange rate!

Only ONE A1 Horizon 31” throat machine left with 14ft table! These are delightful to use freehand and of course very efficient when combined with the Intelliquilter computerised system.

Will get back to you soon with some NEW products as well.



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