Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nearly the end of June!

Where has the time flown…. my fire is going non-stop with all this cold weather but the crops are loving the rain and starting to grow well now thankfully.

Last time I wrote I issued a challenge to all to participate in the Alzheimer’s Benefit Quilt Challenge. I’d like to say I’ve finished, but alas only the applique is done & it is now on my machine waiting for some magic to happen!

Here is a sneak peak…

alzheimers challenge sneak peak

AMQ Festival have extended the deadline until Friday 13th July so there is still time to enter the competition! If you can’t make the deadline then consider completing your quilts simply to donate & be on display & raise funds for Alzheimer’s Association anyway…

I do have a NEW DVD to show you as well as letting you know that I’ve now restocked one as well!

Divide & Design

Divide & Design

Divide & Design - The Cure for Quilter's Agoraphobia by Lisa Calle

this 74 minute DVD will teach the confident intermediate-level quilter how to approach the design process in a whole new way.

Divide large areas of your quilt into manageable small spaces to create quilting designs that will make your quilt top sing.

Let award winning quilter Lisa H. Calle show you her step by step method of transforming everyday quilts into masterpieces, and special quilts into treasured heirlooms.

Conquer your fear of large open spaces with the Divide and Design Technique. Whether you quilt by hand or by machine this 74 minute DVD will teach the confident intermediate level quilter how to approach the design process in a whole new way!

Would you like to turn something that looks like this

into something that looks like this?

Whether it is for yourself, a customer, or a show quilt, this DVD will give you step by step instruction on how to take Plain Jane quilts and turn them into spectacular works of art!

Price: $AU40.00

Also back in stock…. and at a new reduced price (thank you exchange rates…)

Feathers of a New Generation DVD

Feathers of a New Generation DVD

Feathers of a New Generation by Lisa Calle

Lisa’s DVD, “Feathers of a New Generation”will teach you a wonderful new technique for creating beautiful wreaths, borders, and fill designs all without stitching a spine. Don’t know what to do with those masculine quilts or looking for something different than traditional feathers? You will also learn several new and interesting feather variations that will make all of your quilts sing. Whether you use a longarm, mid or short arm or a domestic sewing machine, this book is a must have for all.

Price: $AU40.00

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