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CQ News May 2010

It certainly has been a very busy time this past month! We have had more A1 machines arrive – some have gone to lucky new owners & some are still available for immediate delivery.

It has been the ‘show’ season in the USA with numerous major shows & prizes being given over the last 5 weeks. We are thrilled that we received a 2nd place at HMQS this year with a joint quilt designed & made by my sister, Helen Stubbings & quilted by me! Belle of the Ball was a large quilt…here is a snippet of it.

Belle of the ball-corner border

Congratulations to all the Aussies that achieved both acceptance into these shows and to any & all ribbons!

Great news!!

There is also an amazing NEW 31” A1 Quilting machine called the “Horizon” that was released at Paducah, KY this year! I intend having this new, easy to move, longarm machine that is very much suited to both freehand & computerised quilting  with the Intelliquilter, available to test drive at the Australian Machine Quilting Festival in October.


I will be attending the Quilt & Craft Expo in June in Sydney. Please come say hello at the booth if you are coming. If there are any products that you definitely want me to bring then please  put in an order on the website & put in the notes section for me to deliver to Sydney for collection. Saving you postage!!

One item you may want to consider me bringing over due to being unable to post them easily are the amazing Salem Cutting mats!

Salem Cutting Mats

The fine quality of Salem Cutting Mats is the result of years of testing. It is superior to others in many ways.  It will withstand the hot sun or cold winters.  Never warping or cracking after exposure to severe temperature change, these cutting mats can be rolled up for easy storage, put in the trunk of your car, and under normal room temperature, the "memory" will allow the mat to relax and return to its original flat state.  This versatile translucent mat is tough enough to cut on, yet soft enough to pin into and extends the life your rotary cutting blades.

You can pin patterns and fabrics to the cutting mat to prevent slippage or crawling as you cut.  The red 1" grid lines extend an inch beyond the numbers for reference points when fabric is covering the centre portion of the board.  For tracing or designing patterns, place the cutting mat on top of a light table...its wonderful!

Mats are 1/8" thick and although not completely transparent, will allow light to pass through.

Care instructions:

       1. It is important to always cut with a sharp blade.

       2. Use only quality rotary cutting blades. No not use art knives or Exacto type blades. 

       3. Be sure when cutting the rotary cutter is perfectly vertical to the fabric.  Do not cut at an angle.  This could cause the blade to mar into the mat.

       4. Use a brown paper bag and lightly rub to clean any lint deposits.

The Salem Cutting Mats come in four popular sizes to cover any type projects. All mats are guaranteed against warping and cracking. Each is printed with 45 and 60 degree angle markings.

Salem Cutting Mats

Visit the website to see the sizes we have available and the pricing on each. The larger sizes are especially suited to shops who are cutting mega amounts of fabric all the time!


Intelliquilter training day – Sydney

We have finalized details for a training day in Sydney.

Date: 15th June Tuesday before Sydney Quilt Show

Time: 9am – 3.30pm (to allow for anyone to get to the airport to fly home that night)

Venue: 8 St Andrews Drive, Glenmore Park, NSW

                Cost: $60-00

Lunch: Please bring a plate of lunch to share on the day.

Basics & Borders:

The purpose of this class is to reconfirm some basic practices with your Intelliquilter and to explore the many options in creating borders. We will also touch on some of the latest updates at the end whilst answering questions as they arise during the course of the day.

To secure a spot you will need to book in. There will be a minimum number required to ensure this class goes ahead.

Please book your class using the website .

Hope to see you in Sydney!


The Intelliquilter is now available for Prodigy, Proto & Innova quilting machines....

If anyone is even contemplating purchasing an A1 Longarm quilting machine or an IntelliQuilter computerised system that will go on  'any' brand longarm machine, then don't hesitate to contact me!! Prices are subject to exchange rates at all times.

Come & see us to have a play on the A1 Quilting Machine & see the amazing Intelliquilter computerised system at the Quilt & Craft Expo in Sydney in June 2010.


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Tracey Browning

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