Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a wonderful, peaceful & joyous Christmas with your families & I trust that you are all ready to have a great time…

Constantine Quilts will be closed from 23rd December until 29th December. All orders received during this time will be processed on our return from our family Christmas at the river with a ski boat, lots of kids, extended family & mega amounts of food and laughter. We have a ‘Singstar’ game arriving on xmas morning so I think it will be  ‘loud’ fun filled nights in the caravan park!

Still have to pack the caravan but the cooking is all done with the assistance of my early xmas present of a new Kenwood Chef mixer. My old 40yr old one finally died a few weeks ago & the family has been suffering with lack of home cooked goodies since that time LOL.


Mega Magic Bobbin Genies and Little Genie Magic Bobbin Genies. Along with plenty of Supreme Sliders and Quilt Halos from Sharon Schamber.

New from Sharon Schamber is

The Spirit of Mother Earth part 2

The Spirit of Mother Earth part 2

Sharon Schamber presents another 9 stipples from her amazing quilt 'Spirit of Mother Earth'!

Price: $AU22.00


NEW TO Constantine Quilts for A1 Quilting Machine owners

Groz Beckert SAN6 90/14 needles, 110/18 needles and 125/20 needles

These needles from Groz-Beckert are multi-directional needles with a titanium nitride finish. The design of the needle reduces thread breakage and helps reduce skipped stitches. They will last many times longer than the standard hardened steel or chromium needles.

( 90/14) MR 3.0 equivalent
[110/18 MR 4.0 equivalent
[125/20] MR 5.0 equivalent

Groz Beckert San6 90/14 needlesGroz Beckert San6 110/18 needlesGroz Beckert San6 125/20 needles

Titanium-coated needles for A-1 machines.Pack of 10 needles

Price: $AU8.80


The Intelliquilter is now available for Prodigy & Proto quilting machines....

If anyone is even contemplating purchasing an A1 Longarm quilting machine or an IntelliQuilter computerised system that will go on  'any' brand longarm machine, then don't hesitate to contact me!! Prices are subject to exchange rates at all times.


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Tracey Browning

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