Thursday, August 4, 2016

New supplies finally!

Yes - it has been a very busy year & I thank you all for being so patient waiting for supplies to arrive in my shipping container...

Today saw three utes & two trailers heading down to the city to finally unload my shipping container. The doors opened & rolls of wadding starting rolling out it was so full.

I have spent all evening updating the website, so I do hope I have remembered everything.

RED SNAPPERS are back in stock!

This rod and clamp system is available to fit 10′ ($90), 12′ ($100) and 14′ ($110) quilting frames.  The set has rods and clamps designed to fit on three rollers.  It eliminates the need for pins, staples, Velcro, zippers or basting.  Quilt tops and backs are placed over the rod (inside a casing of the canvas leader) and the clamp is “snapped” down to hold the fabric securely.  Make sure to specify your quilting frame length.  Red Snappers are developed with Clip-n-Seal a patent pending design.
10′ set is actually 114″ (now in Australia)
12′ set is actually 132″
14″ set is actually 144″
This is to accommodate the width of the carriage, machine handles and pole configurations of different machines.

The Extra Clamps are also back in stock for $8.50

By request - Saddle Stools are available once again from us. Only $280-

This saddle stool has a contemporary yet functional design which is ideal for longarm quilters. Quilters who have stamina or standing limitations can often benefit by alternating between sitting and standing to reduce or alleviate fatigue and back discomfort.
Height and seat angle adjustability matches the stool support to the correct height for the user. Swivel capability allows the quilter to reach the work area easier.
Footrests provide support and additional stability. Casters allow the quilter to easily move from one end of the quilt to the other.
• Padded Seat
• Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment
• Locking Center Pivot Tilt
• 360 Degree Swivel
Seat Size: . . . . 18W x 16D x 2T
Max. Overall Size: 35.25H x 22.5W x 22.5D
Seat Height Min: . . . . . . 25
Seat Travel .. . . . . . . . 10
Weight:. . . . . . . . . . . 11.4 kg

There are some books now back in new ones as well.
I'll expand on this more in coming days as I actually unpack & price everything.

Australian A1 owners will be thrilled to hear that I have a limited supply of the 


INTRODUCTORY AU$ PRICING!! Only whilst stocks last…
A1 is pleased to introduce our new line of interchangeable Quilting Feet! We are open to suggestion of any new feet that could be beneficial to your Quilting experience!
The set of five interchangeable feet includes Three Couching Feet, (Small, Medium, and Large sized holes for various sized Yarns and Fibers) the traditional Quilting foot, the Open Toe Quilting Foot, and the adapter post. There are Two additional feet avaliable:
The Spoon Foot: Useful for Pantograph work, Computerized Quilting, the foot allows easy transition onto the Quilt from the edge of the layers.
The Stipple/Applique Foot: This Foot is 1/4″ in diameter, allowing you to get very close to your work. (Applique, Echo Quilting, Etc.)
Set of Five interchangeable Quilting feet : AU $ 350-  
Set of Seven interchangeable Quilting feet: AU $490.00 
One single foot of your choice: AU $105 + adapter AU $16.00  
*Excluding Spoon foot: AU $115.00 

Also some amazing LED Mounting lights for your A1 Machine.

Check out the new lights that are available for the A1 Elite! If you don’t have a Elite Platinum or Platinum upgrade and want bright LED lights… these are for you!
Powerful, stiff, goose neck lights… And mounted on an angle iron… So they can mount on any machine. The cords just run to the back and plug in with an extension cord.
Come & see all these new products & more at the Australian Machine Quilting Festival in only 3 weeks time at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Lots of classes, shopping, quilt exhibits & more...
until next time - happy quilting.

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