Friday, May 8, 2015

Twice in one week!

I’m back again due to the overwhelming response of the new Bethanne Nemesh books selling out in under 12 hours.

I have now allowed backorders to be made for these books & the next shipment has already left the USA. Please, if you are interested, place the backorder to ensure you get them in the next shipment scheduled to arrive in approx 10 days. If I end up getting more orders than I can fill, I can at least organise yet another box full to be sent before this one arrives.

The next BIG news is that the A1 Quilting Rulers have also finally arrived.

A1 Ruler 9″ Longarm Straight Ruler


This is the ruler that Judi Madsen uses and loves, and even has “Judi Madsen’s Favorite” etched into the handle!  It helps to keep your quilting lines perfect with the precision laser etched markings.  You can’t go wrong with this ruler, the handle is awesome!

Price: $50.00 plus postage

Until next time … happy quilting!



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Anonymous said...

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