Sunday, March 9, 2014

It is March already!!

Time sure flies whilst we are having fun quilting….

We have had some heatwaves & fires here in South Australia, whilst many of my friends on the other side of the world have been suffering through snow storms & cold. I do hope everyone has come through unscathed.

I have some REALLY big news….

Constantine Quilts is going to AQC in Melbourne 10-13th April. We will have a booth with as many of our products as can fit into my trailer and will have the NEW A1 Platinum machine with Intelliquilter in the booth for anyone to have a play on. We will be in booth #172 at an entry to the cafe up the back I’m told. So come & say hello & see what I’ve brought with me… If there are any larger items that you would like me to bring to save on postage for you to collect then please order by April 6th at the latest. Items like the large cutting mats, saddle stools, red snappers etc that are all heavy to post.

I have some new products to show you – just arrived!

Sue Heinz is the owner of Kismet Quilting LLC, and is the author of two Drawn to Mastery series workbooks, and Fill Harmonics, a background design collection - each containing fresh design ideas for free-motion quilting.

She brings a Fine Art and Education background and over twenty years of quilting experience to her books.  Her designs have inspired both novice and expert quilters alike. 

Fill Harmonics

Fill Harmonics

Fill Harmonics - A Collection of Unique Background Designs to Intrigue, Delight and Inspire!

by Sue Heinz

Brimming with over 35 unique edge-to-edge, grid work, clamshell variations and circular grid designs, this is bound to be your next favourite 'go to' book for beautiful background designs.

48 pages, spiral bound.

Price: $AU45.00

You can view a fantastic video tutorial by Sue on just one of the designs in this book  here

Drawn to Mastery:Sashing, Medallions, Wreaths

Drawn to Mastery:Sashing, Medallions, Wreaths

Drawn to Mastery - Sashing, Medallions and Wreaths

by Sue Heinz

Take sashing designs to a whole new level to create breathtakingly beautiful free-motion medallions and wreaths! Filled with design ideas to suit any type of quilt, (organic, traditional and contemporary), step-by-step illustrations and how-to hints. Over 45 new sashing, medallion and wreath designs, plus a gallery section for more ideas to delight, intrigue and inspire!

46 pages, spiral bound.

Price: $AU42.00

Drawn to Mastery

Drawn to Mastery

Drawn to Mastery by Sue Heinz

Containing over 50 original sashing designs, this workbook takes sashing and borders to new heights. Also illustrates combinations of unique feathers and blocks for even more designs to intrigue, delight and inspire!

36 pages, spiral bound.

Price: $AU38.00

I am now also stocking the amazingly easy, iron-on sheets of applique paper as well as the hexie precut papers from Hugs’n’Kisses.

Hugs'n'Kisses Applique Paper

Hugs'n'Kisses Applique Paper

Applique paper - 20 Letter sized sheets suitable to pass through your inkjet printer - use for gluestick applique, needleturn, foundation paper piecing, English Paper piecing or as a stabliser

This Applique paper is unique because it is made up of half soluble and half non-soluble fibres. Any remnants of the stabilizer inside the appliqué will wash out in the laundry. So it does not need to removed after applique is complete but can be left in the quilt or project giving stability until laundering.

For needleturn applique trace or print templates. Cut out and Fuse to wrong side of fabric, cut out roughly. Glue or tack edges over. Apply to background fabric. Leave paper as a stabiliser or wash to soften and dissolve.

Water Soluble
Single sided fusible
Ink-jet printable
Hugs ‘n Kisses Gluestick appliqué
Needleturn Appliqué
English Paper Piecing
Foundation Paper Piecing
Temporary Stabiliser
Semi Transparent for easy tracing

How to use:
For appliqué:
Trace or print appliqué templates (reversed) onto non shiny side of paper. (inkjet printers only)
Cut out on drawn line smoothly. Fuse to wrong side of appliqué fabrics using a warm iron. Cut out leaving small seam allowance.
Glue, tack or needleturn seam allowances to the paper. Appliqué to your background fabric.
For English Paper piecing:
Print templates onto non shiny side of paper. (inkjet printers only) Fuse to wrong side of fabrics. Cut out leaving small
seam allowance. Glue or tack seam allowances over onto paper. Join shapes as per your normal EPP methods.
For Foundation Paper piecing:
Print or trace Foundation pattern onto non shiny side of paper (inkjet printers only) Use as per your normal foundation
piecing methods.

20 SHEETS - 8.5” X 11”

Price: $AU20.95

1/2" hexie precuts - 100

1/2" hexie precuts - 100

1/2 inch precut hexagons - 4g approx 100 per pack

Price: $AU5.50

1" Hexies - precut

1" Hexies - precut

1 inch precut hexagons - 12g approx 100 per pack

Price: $AU7.50

1 1/2" Hexie precuts - 50

1 1/2" Hexie precuts - 50

1 1/2 inch precut hexagons - 11 g approx 50 per pack.

Price: $AU7.50

Apliquick Rods as promoted by Lynette Anderson using the Hugs’n’kisses applique paper.

Apliquick Rods

These great tools are used for glue stick appliqué, there are two tools in the pack. Used in conjunction with appliqué paper and a glue stick pen. The pronged tool is used in your left hand (if your right handed) to steady the appliqué shape and the second tool which has a iron shaped end is used in your right hand to turn the edge of the fabric over to the wrong side and press in place.

If you click on the link above it will take you to the page on my website where you can watch a video of Lynette Anderson demonstrating how fantastic these are!

Price: $AU39.95

Apliquick Tweezers

Apliquick Tweezers

The Apliquick Tweezers are a wonderful companion to the Apliquick rods for glue stick applique.

Price: $AU25.00


Simple Quilting Tips:

Quilting with someone else makes the time go faster!

Attach your quilt label on the back before you quilt the layers together. The quilt stitches will integrate the label into the project and prevent anyone from removing it later.

Hope to see you all at AQC in Melbourne next month!



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