Sunday, May 5, 2013

May already???

Where has the time gone? I do apologise for the lack of newsletters this year from Constantine Quilts. Always busy servicing customers of course & looking to keep up with life! I have spoken to many over this time & have enjoyed our conversations always.

I have been madly quilting a special quilt for my sister, Helen Stubbings of Hugs’n’Kisses ready to take to International Quilt Market. Here are a few photos to wet your appetite!! She will be releasing this to shops as a BOM when it is all ready…


There is currently a special deal on the website & in magazine advertisements for the Infinite Feathers CD.

Infinite Feathers Quilting Pattern on CD

Infinite Feathers Quilting Pattern on CD

Infinite Feathers Quilting patterns to print CD rom by Anita Shackelford

Print as many patterns as you like, at any size you like, to fit your quilt pattern needs! Includes over 100 feather designs, plus 11 additional bonus patterns no found in the book. 6 Circular Grids, 16 Be Creative Ideas sections, providing the ins and outs of working with unusual shapes. Easy-to-use patterns provided as pdfs, jpegs, and bitmaps for easy interface with existing graphics software. (Copyright statement: For personal use only. Contents of this CD cannot be reproduced for resale in any form)

Price: $AU40.00 $AU33.00

This price is whilst stocks last only!! A limited supply of the Infinite Feathers template is still available for $22- & can be posted together for only $3- postage

I have fresh stock of Lisa Calle’s fantastic DVD as well.

Divide & Design

Divide & Design

Divide & Design - The Cure for Quilter's Agoraphobia by Lisa Calle

this 74 minute DVD will teach the confident intermediate-level quilter how to approach the design process in a whole new way. Divide large areas of your quilt into manageable small spaces to create quilting designs that will make your quilt top sing. Let award winning quilter Lisa H. Calle show you her step by step method of transforming everyday quilts into masterpieces, and special quilts into treasured heirlooms. Conquer your fear of large open spaces with the Divide and Design Technique. Whether you quilt by hand or by machine this 74 minute DVD will teach the confident intermediate level quilter how to approach the design process in a whole new way!

Would you like to turn something that looks like this

into something that looks like this?

Whether it is for yourself, a customer, or a show quilt, this DVD will give you step by step instruction on how to take Plain Jane quilts and turn them into spectacular works of art!

Price: $AU40.00

I am off to the USA in a couple of days time so all orders on the website will be sent out in order of receipt upon my return on the 23rd May. Constantine Quilts will be physically closed until this time, but you can always order online & it will be here waiting for me to complete when I touch down & wake up again….

The Aussie dollar is still wavering around the $1- or just below, so great pricing for both the A1 Quilting machine & the Intelliquilter.

Did you know that there are more options with a computerised system now to get you started on the journey of discovery??

BasiQ system

Better get packing now…. big trip ahead! Off to teach at HMQS arriving this Wednesday & then travelling to Portland, OR by car with great friends to then attend International Quilt Market. I will be on the lookout for new & exciting products to bring home for you all.

Until next time…



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