Sunday, October 16, 2011

CQ News October

My garden  is coming along nicely! Nothing has  died yet…

Baby Ellie is HOME as of Friday. About 5 weeks earlier than we  thought she might be. She is a healthy & strong little girl & is now over 2kg.  Mum & dad are suitably proud & exhausted & excited all at the same time.

My customers are absolutely the BEST.  Due to a query on a new  to me product, I have found where to get the following & I’m really excited about it! I have  tried it out & it is fantastic  for effectively using up all those batting scraps. Everything costs us  so much here in Australia, so anyway we can better utilise our leftovers is a good thing.

Heat Press Batting Together

Heat Press Batting Together

Quilters!  We don't have to sew the batting edges together anymore... we can fuse it.

HEAT Press Batting Together is happy to introduce our new product to you. HEAT Press Batting Together was developed to fuse batting-fabric together to fit a specific size, to enlarge or reinforce. The HEAT Press Batting Together is 1 ½ inch cloth tape on a 10 yard roll, will allow batting edges to be fused together with a soft fuse that stretches, eliminating the old pinning and stitching of extra batting pieces needed to fit a specific project. The product can be used on any batting fabric content.

  • Quilting
  • Reinforcement for stretch fabric
  • Backing for stretch fabric
  • Patch for stretch fabric
  • 100% Made in the USA

This product was developed after 40 years of business ownership experience in development of Sears Sewing Schools, Apparel Manufacturing, Apparel Design, Quilting and Long Arm Quilting Industries.

Directions for using HEAT Presss Batting Together:

  • Iron Settings are Most Important when applying tape. Irons with Teflon plates can use low cotton to fuse tape. Irons without a teflon plate use the new instructions below.
  • Test your iron with tape and batting.

* 100% polyester batting... low setting.. (high synthetic) and use and up and down motion until the glue is set. You can use a low shot of steam to finish the fusible process holding the iron above the tape.

* Test all synthetic mixed  battings  ~ usually a wool  setting works well.

You may find that the batting looks flat after application but when it cools  the batting is fluffy again.

With a large quilt batting 93" and adding more width, I use weights on either side of the batting to hold it in place.

  • Use and up and down motion with the iron as you place the tape for the first time on the batting edges.
  • When the tape is set in place then apply heat and you may use a little light steam to completely melt the glue backing.
  • You will find that the tape is soft, flexible, stretches and is easy needle ready for either hand quilting or machine quilting.
  • It's  FAST AND  EASY

"As a long arm quilter for the past five years, I had a stack of batting pieces, some were large but odd measurements.  I found the same, working with charitable groups as the 'Quilts for Veterans'. They also accumulated many large pieces of left over batting. This product works to fuse these batting pieces easily without sewing with the sewing machines.

Price: $AU10.95

If you can’t find a particular product that you believe will be great for Aussie quilters, then please let me know & I’ll investigate for you. I’ll be back in the USA to attend the US Quilt market next  May & am always on the lookout for great new products. I’m  also pleased to confirm that I’ll be teaching 5 classes at Machine Quilters Showcase  in Kansas City in May 2012. Keep an eye on their website for when their class schedule is released!

Happy quilting



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