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CQ News July 2011

Well the weather is wild, windy & wet!  Our family is about to  head off in the morning  for a 2 daybreak. The first in a very LONG  time together as we missed our annual holiday in January at the beach due to such a late harvest here on the farm.  So we will go  to Goolwa for 2 nights - might end up in the car or motel room out of the weather, but at least we are away & together vbg.

It is now less than a month before the amazing Sharon Schamber  arrives  in Australia. There are only a couple of spots left in the  domestic  classes now,  so  if  you are considering  learning from  this inspiring teacher then book in soon. There are still plenty of  spots to come see her trunk  show & hear her quilting story!

For those  having difficulty in finding some  supplies  to complete  her classes and patterns that are available, I now have some  of these items in stock. 

Washable School Glue

Washable School Glue

Helmar Kid's School Glue, easy to use and quick drying. Ideal for use with paper, cardboard, school projects, craft & hobbies, most timbers, particle board, MDF, balsa wood, fabrics, book binding, most art & craft materials, styrene etc. Clean up with water…

125ml bottle

Dried glue on material can be removed by washing in warm soapy water. Perfect to use as a basting glue when appliquéing your projects.

Price: $AU3.50

Helmar Fabric Glue 50ml  bottle

Helmar Fabric Glue

Helmar Wash 'n Wear glue is a water based glue for permanently adhering, appliqués, ribbon, lace, fabric cutouts, etc to various types of garments. It dries clear and flexible, although it may be seen on thin or light coloured materials. Excess should be cleaned while wet with soap and water. For best results leave for 48 hours before washing. Garment and fabric should be pre-washed to remove sizing. Denim should be pre-washed at least 4 times using a colour safe bleach.Garment should be washed in cold water, gentle cycle or hand wash. Do not soak. Dry on permanent press setting, fabric softener can be used in washer or dryer.

Price: $AU4.00

Sewing Machine Oil

Sewing Machine Oil

Helmar Super Lube Machine Oil is a High quality Pharmaceutical Grade White oil.

Ideal for lubricating Sewing & knitting machines, typewriters, clocks, scissors,locks, prams, bicycles, power tools, toys, household appliances, sporting accessories, hinges  and many other uses.The perfect choice for Industrial and Household use.

Excess oil can be wiped off with an absorbent cloth.

To remove oil stains from fabric use white spirit (dry cleaning fluid) or spot remover.

125ml (US 4.23 fl. oz.)

Price: $AU4.95

Glue Tips

Glue Tips

**Glue Tips are BACK!!!**
After a very long search, we are very happy to introduce our NEW Glue Tips Set.  They are fantastic and easy to use.   Simply put the new tip onto a bottle of Washable School Glue and you're ready to go!  The fine tip and topper are already connected.  No more metal tips to screw on and off, and no need to cut the plastic tip either!  The new tips clog less often, too. 
These are the tips that Sharon recommends for using with Washable School Glue to use as basting glue.  They are used in:

  • Appliqué
  • Piec-lique
  • Bindings
  • Paperless-Paper-Piecing
  • and MUCH more!

Price: $AU7.50

Appliqué Stabilizer

Applique Stabilizer

Appliqué Stabilizer

After washing, it turns into fiber that acts as a trapunto for the appliqué. Easy to handle.

5yd x 14”  rolls

Price: $AU22.00

Sewline Fabric Glue Pen

Sewline Fabric Glue Pen

This clever glue stick means the end of sewing around pins! A water-soluble blue glue that dries clear is a quick, convenient way to hold fabrics for sewing. Great for quilting and appliqué work but also for hemming and general sewing. Once glued, the fabric pieces can be pulled apart, so not to worry if they are misplaced or need to be adjusted. Refills available.

Price: $AU9.90


Sewline Fabric Glue Pen refillsSewline Fabric Glue Pen refills

Pink Glue refills for your Sewline Glue Pen

Contains 2 refills

Price: $AU5.50



Sewline Trio

Sewline Trio

A fabric pencil with a unique 360 degree rotating mechanism for three functions in one. The Sewline Trio comes with an 0.9mm black lead for marking on lighter cloth, an 0.9mm white lead for dark cloth and a blank roller for tracing or making indentations on fabric. The pen also comes with a small eraser located underneath the top cover and a soft triangular grip. Convenient lead refills are available in white, pink, green and black graphite so you can tailor the Trio to your own needs.

Price: $AU19.95

Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers

Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers™

These slick space age washers eliminate the backlash in the bobbin when changing directions at high speed. Backlash creates "birds nests"in free-motion quilting and embroidery. Just drop a Little Genie in the bobbin case and replace bobbin. Fits longarm and domestic machines. Designed by author, teacher and award winning quilter Sharon Schamber.

One dozen teflon bobbin washers

Price: $AU16.50

We  also stock 100% bleached white cotton batting from Hobbs as well as  100% wool batting from Hobbs.

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