Sunday, November 8, 2009

CQ news Nov

Not long now until I leave to drive to Melbourne!

If anyone would like to order supplies to collect at Australian Quilt Market next weekend, then I’ll need your orders in by lunchtime on Tuesday 10th Nov. I drive out at 6am on Wednesday. I will have a selection of books, gadgets, DVD’s as well as both the A1 Quilting machine and Intelliquilter to look at whilst at the show. Please come along and have a play on the machine & say hello to Michele & I.

Also I’m pretty proud of myself because I today finally sat down and made a lovely little fabric wrapped clothesline bowl to hold the lollies on the stand. I used Mrs King’s Gallery Baskets DVD to guide me step by step through the process & it’s not too bad for my first attempt.

So please do come & check out my new bowl!


Introducing Mrs. King's Gallery Baskets

DVD Workshop

Gallery Baskets is a comprehensive 2-Day Workshop that offers you step-by-step instructions in completing beautiful Gallery Quality Baskets.  You will be guided through the process of creating the baskets pictured here which include both round and oval bottomed baskets.  You will learn handle and rim techniques that will make your baskets sing.  Experience this cutting edge driver's seat perspective.  Your expectations of DVD Workshops will never be the same.

Basket instructions included in this Workshop:

1.  Small Round Basket with Built in Handles

   2.  Small Oval Basket with Built in Handles

   3.  Large Round Covered Basket

   4.  Large Market Basket

   5.  Large Swing Handle Basket

   6.  Large Bowl with Art Deco Rim


Price: $AU55.00

Back in stock are

Feathers of a New Generation DVD

Feathers of a New Generation DVD by Lisa Calle

Lisa’s new DVD, “Feathers of a New Generation”will teach you a wonderful new technique for creating beautiful wreaths, borders, and fill designs all without stitching a spine.  Don’t know what to do with those masculine quilts or looking for something  different than traditional feathers?  You will also learn several new and interesting feather variations that will make all of your quilts sing.  Whether you use a longarm, mid or short arm or a domestic sewing machine, this DVD is a must have for all.   

Price: $AU52.50

Also all of Mary Nordengs’ books are back in stock! These just flew out the door the last two shipments….

Australian Quilt Market – 14th-15th November

Come & visit our booth at Australian Quilt Market in November to see all the latest goodies and have a play on the A1 Quilting machine and see how amazing the Intelliquilter computerised system is! will give you all the details on how to register to attend. It is free to attend the vendors & a small fee for the classes….

Intelliquilter training day – Melbourne (still spots left….)

We have finalized details for a training day in Melbourne.

Date: 16th November Monday after AQM

Time: 9am – 3.30pm (to allow for anyone to get to airport to fly home that night)

Venue: Always Quilting

                401 Waverly Road

                Malvern East, Vic

                03 9569 2272

Cost: $60-00

Lunch: You will be able to pre-order your lunch & Jenny will have someone go & collect it & bring back to us on the day…or bring your own.

Bring your tablets, pen & paper along on the day.

We will cover all the new features and spend some time on fine tuning all the different ways of using line pattern, path pattern etc to get wonderful borders & sashings & blocks. Bring questions along on the day so that all can learn how to deal with different issues.

If you need details on how to get there or info on parking then please visit Jenny’s website above for a map & instructions.

Please book your class using the website .

Hope to see you in Melbourne!!

Latest News!! The Intelliquilter is now available for Prodigy & Proto quilting machines....

If anyone is even contemplating purchasing an A1 Longarm quilting machine or an IntelliQuilter computerised system that will go on nearly 'any' brand longarm machine, then don't hesitate to contact me!! Prices are subject to exchange rates at all times.


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Tracey Browning

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