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CQ News July

What an amazing trip to New Zealand! The whole family came with me and we were hosted by the amazing John Nielsen in beautiful Baylys Beach in the North of the North Island….

Had a great time in our class and great fun installing & playing with even MORE new features just released on the Intelliquilter for everyone. It’s so hard to keep up with all the improvements when they come out so often for us. What a great team Zoltan Kasa had to keep delivering our wish lists!

When I arrived home I had a lovely surprise with some new products arriving….

I’m most impressed with a brand new author to me – Mary Nordeng! Mary has been doing Pam Bono's quilting for years, and when you look at her gorgeous designs, you can sure see why Pam sticks with her year after year. That Mary is one heck of a talented quilter!

If you haven't taken a look at Mary Nordeng's fantastic books yet, you might want to do so now.

Freehand Freedom

Freehand Freedom

Freehand Freedom by Mary Nordeng

A collection of Freehand designs for machine quilting

'Freehand Freedom' is filled with page after page of really cool, easily achievable freehand fillers and block designs.

Mary Nordeng’s collection of freehand designs for blocks, sashings, borders, backgrounds and textures. This book contains not only the designs themselves, but also complete directions on how to achieve those designs!

37 pages, spiral bound.

Price: $AU35.20

Beyond Basic Backgrounds

Beyond Basic Backgrounds

Beyond Basic Backgrounds - Creative Designs with Commercial Stencils by Mary Nordeng

This book will blow you away with its intricate and beautiful designs.

If you are like me, you probably have a few background stencils lying around in your studio collecting dust! Maybe you have gotten to a point where you do mostly freehand quilting and no longer have a use for those stencils? Well, do not get rid of them just yet!

The designs in this book are arranged by stencil. Each section starts out by showing the commercial stencil, along with the item number. The design ideas follow the stencil. They start out with fairly simple designs, and each following page contains progressively more complex and sometimes more complicated designs.

Basic directions for stitching the designs have been included where possible. Hopefully the designs in this book will serve as an inspiration for you to come up with even more creative and lovely backgrounds.

67 pages spiral bound

Price: $AU42.00

Extreme Makeover Feather Edition

Extreme Makeover Feather Edition

Extreme Makeover Feather Edition by Mary Nordeng

'Extreme Makeover: Feather Edition' will blow you away with its intricate and beautiful feather designs.

Mary Nordeng’s collection of feather designs to fit any space. This book contains detailed directions on how to stitch heirloom-style feathers, as well as spine and feather variations. Learn to stitch freehand feathers to completely fill the space, thus eliminating the need for tedious background fills.

67 pages, spiral bound.

Price: $AU42.00

Beyond the Extreme

Beyond the Extreme

Beyond the Extreme by Mary Nordeng

Creative Feather Designs for all areas.

Amazing, heirloom feather designs, including two complete alphabets. Work your way through variations and stunning motifs that is building on her Extreme Makeover Feather Edition book.

86 pages spiral bound.

Price: $AU42.00

Patsy Thompson DVD’s to learn how to machine quilt on a domestic machine, just keep on inspiring me! She is an amazing teacher with some fantastic design ideas. This is her latest DVD on offer!

Free Motion Fun with Feathers Volume 2

Free Motion Fun with Feathers Volume 2

Free Motion Fun…With Feathers!: Volume Two

If you are looking for innovative design ideas to transform your free motion feathers into jaw dropping works of art, then this 2-disc DVD set is for you!

Beginning with a quick review of different design options to alter the character of a given feather, the lesson turns first to one-sided feathers. From there, Patsy discusses and demonstrates several different asymmetric feather designs. The tutorial then turns to a variety of new hyperquilting designs, and next to a chapter that teaches hyperquilting special effects. Lastly, Patsy teaches 4 variations of the “Feather Explosion” design, where background fill designs are created using feathers flowing from feathers. Altogether, this 2-disc set teaches more than 28 new feather designs, so if you’re a quilter who loves to stitch feathers, this DVD is a must-have!

Total Play Time – 4 hours, 5 minutes

Price: $AU77.50

Attention APQS Ultimate II owners

I have been advised of a wonderful new foot that you can purchase that will enable you to use rulers/templates on your machines…..

Foot Pic for Ult 2

Sheri Butler, Vintage Stitches Quilting, Lincoln, NE, USA

402-450-8321 email:

They are retailing at US$70 plus US$12.95 for postage. I am not stocking them myself, but you can simply email Sheri to order direct from her if you would like one.


Don’t forget the AMQA Show 2009 deadlines are coming up soon! Make sure you have your quilts entered in this inaugural show and get your entries in by July 31st. There are some great prizes on offer thanks to our amazing sponsors that are listed on the website. will get you to all the information and entry forms.


Latest News!! The Intelliquilter is now available for Prodigy & Proto quilting machines....

If anyone is even contemplating purchasing an A1 Longarm quilting machine or an IntelliQuilter computerised system that will go on nearly 'any' brand longarm machine, then don't hesitate to contact me!! Prices are subject to exchange rates at all times.


                                         member of AMQA logo final

Tracey Browning

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