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CQ News Feb 2009

Our summer - beach holiday is over & we arrived home to a record breaking heatwave, kids back to school and then the horror & devastation of the Victorian bushfires. Fires are still burning and the weather conditions are worsening again for this weekend, so please keep your prayers & donations coming.


Constantine Quilts wishes to extend our sympathies our prayers and our support to all those affected by this tragedy. Quilts are on their way to victims from my collection to hopefully show how much Australians care and want to help those victims feel loved and not alone in all this. I can barely imagine what it would even be like to lose absolutely everything - even when I was in the middle of the Ash Wednesday fires years ago & terrified then!


I have also been busy searching for & purchasing some new items for the shop the past few weeks! So now is the time to let you all know what is new....

There will be even more new products arriving in the next 2 weeks...


Hooked on Feathers by Sally Terry

Hooked on Feathers by Sally Terry

Try this innovative, free-motion technique for amazingly versatile, no-mark feathers. The motion of the 'hook' makes all the difference. Eliminates backtracking! It's fun, it's quick, it's easy, and the results are spectacular. With her trademark teaching style, Sally shows you exactly how you can accomplish beautiful machine-quilted feathers with ease.

Publisher's Review

Machine-stitched feathers, from simple to fancy, are explained in detail in this comprehensive guide. You'll learn to stitch the basic traditional feather, and then see how easy it can be to make heirloom feathers to compliment your quilt. Sally teaches how to fill any space with feathers, whether it be individual pieces, blocks, sashings, or borders, with her no-backrtacking technique.

Price: $48.00

Quilt This by Lynda Smith

Quilt This! - Practical patterns for everyday quilting by Lynda Smith

Wondering how to quilt that newly finished project? Wonder no longer. Lynda has the answer Suitable for both machine and hand quilting, this compendium of quilting motifs provides designs for filling the spaces in your blocks, borders, and backgrounds. Dozens and dozens of delightful designs, from whimsical to elegant, from gracefully curved to geometric, can be adapted to whatever style of quilt you have. Lynda is a longtime quilter and designer for AQS. One after another of delightful designs are suitable for both hand and machine quilting. Lynda Smith has designed more than 50 books for the American Quilter s Society over the past eight years. A lifelong Paducah resident and enthusiastic quilter, her charming designs will have you confidently choosing the perfect motifs for all your quilting projects.Price: $48.00

A Modern Mix -Machine & Hand quilting by Anita Shackelford

A Modern Mix - machine & hand quilting by Anita Shackelford

Quilt by machine or by hand? Both! is the resounding answer from this talented and creative quilter. Learn how to successfully incorporate hand and machine quilting in the same quilt to add visual interest to your projects. Guidelines for planning your quilting, including thread and design selection, will enable you to choose the best techniques to get the best results. A myriad of hand and machine quilting designs and methods are shown including backgrounds, borders, and more. A variety of quilting projects, complete with patterns, instructions, and full-size quilting patterns, provide lots of opportunities to try out different quilting methods and motifs.

Price: $AU48.00


Ricky Tims' Rhapsody Quilts

Ricky Tims' Rhapsody Quilts

Make One-of-a-Kind Contemporary Quilts With a Traditional Flair - Ricky Tims Shows You How!
• Learn to design, choose fabrics, and make templates for these one-of-a-kind beauties
• Handle curves easily with Ricky's sure-fire method for No-Pin Precision Curved Piecing
• Start with 5 ready-made design outlines, then expand the possibilities by composing your own Rhapsody quilts
• Learn Ricky's secrets for enhancing your designs with appliqué
• Get inspired by the gallery of Rhapsody quilts made by Ricky and other quilters just like you!
Rhapsody Quilts are medallion-style quilts with graceful, curved designs in a reversed and mirrored arrangement. Like a musical rhapsody, the form is flexible and lets you express an endless variety of themes and motifs. Ricky shows you how to work with your quilt's basic “skeleton,” then enhance your design themes with original appliqué or lush quilting. You'll take away all the techniques you need to start making your own beautiful quilt rhapsodies.

Price: $53.50

Ricky Tims Celtic Fantasy

Ricky Tims presents: Celtic Fantasy Rhapsody Quilts

Design companion Vol.3 to Ricky Tims' Rhapsody Quilts with bonus applique designs and ideas.

Make a glorious new Rhapsody quilt with Ricky's latest design, A Gaelic Blessing. You get a full-size freezer paper pattern, plus 9 bonus quilt "skeletons" and 25 of Ricky's Celtic applique' designs. Finish your quilt with easy fusible applique' and machine quilting. For complete instructions on making a Rhapsody quilt, see Ricky Tims' Rhapsody Quilts

Price: $AU44.00

Foolproof Machine Quilting

Foolproof Machine Quilting by Mary Mashuta

Design and stitch beautiful machine quilting the easy way, with the walking foot on your home sewing machine.

Learn to combine the right needles, threads, and batting to create exactly the look you want.

Add style to your machine quilting with heavyweight threads and your machine's built-in decorative stitches

Use paper folding and cutting to create your own simple quilting motifs and border designs

Learn to adapt commercial templates and stencils into quilting motifs.

Price: $AU44.00


Faux Applique by Helen Stubbings

Faux Applique by Helen Stubbings

These elegant, traditionally styled designs will enchant and entice you to try the Colourqué® technique. What is it? Simply the use of colored pencils to re-create the look of intricate appliqué. All the easily assembled tools and needed materials are described in detail. Use the designs singly on small projects or combined for larger and full-sized quilts. Delightfully elegant designs in the tradition of Baltimore album quilts can be easily executed. Helen Stubbings is a lifelong resident of Australia who has traveled the world over. A quilter since working on her certificate in needlecraft in 1995, she has been developing, testing, teaching, and selling pattern instructions and workshop kits featuring her Colorqué technique since early 2000.

Price: $AU50.00


Quiltmaker Collection Volume 5

Quiltmaker Collection Volume 5

What is included with Quiltmaker Volume 5?

This CD features a beautiful variety of 840 of the most popular quilting designs and variations from past issues of Quiltmaker, selected for you by the magazine's staff. That's $0.03 a pattern!

For more creative fun, print various designs, then combine and repeat them on your quilts, resulting in your own innovative quilting patterns. Helpful design instructions on positioning motifs are included.

Using the designs on this CD is a snap. Browse through the collection, find the design you want, then specify the size - any size at all. Then print. Easily custom-size these designs to precisely fit borders, blocks, and sashes for every quilt you make.

Includes 10 Quilting Videos Videos show how to use your printouts for tracing, pouncing and other quilt marking methods.

Price: $38.00


Longarm Advanced Stipple DVD

Longarm Advanced Stipple


Longarm Advanced Stipple by Sharon Schamber will take you further on a journey to discovering some of her award winning techniques used on her winning quilt " Spirit of Mother Earth" Winner Best of Show Houston 2008.

Price: $AU22.00

Longarm Unique Feather applications and Rice bags, side leaders and Racking your Quilt DVD

Longarm Unique Feather applications and Rice bags, side leaders and Racking your Quilt

Sharon Schamber Network presents:

Longarm Unique Feather Applications AND Rice bags, Side leaders and racking your quilt DVD.

Price: $AU22.00

I am now also stocking some machine spare parts and notions that might be of help with your quilting machines!


Towa Bobbin Case tension gauge


Towa Bobbin Case Tension Gauge

Allows you to consistently set accurate bobbin tension.

Comes in two sizes:

  • TM-1 - for "L" size bobbin cases
  • TM-3 - for "M" size bobbin cases

Price: $AU140.00


3 hole thread guide

3 hole thread guide

3 hole thread guide with flat on side of shank. For use on most longarm quilting machines.

Price: $AU4.40


Disc Tensioner

Disc Tensioner

A complete disc tensioner unit suitable for longarm quilting machines.

Price: $AU18.00




Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers™

Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers™  are back in stock!!

These slick space age washers eliminate the backlash in the bobbin when changing directions at high speed. Backlash creates "birds nests"in free-motion quilting and embroidery. Just drop a Little Genie in the bobbin case and replace bobbin. Fits longarm and domestic machines. Designed by author, teacher and award winning quilter Sharon Schamber.

One dozen teflon bobbin washers

Price: $AU16.50

Featherlight Clamps are also back in stock!!

Featherlight Clamps


Featherlight Clamps 1 pair

Use these clamps on longarm, midarm, and shortarm machines.
LIGHTWEIGHT: Only 1.3 ounces/pair. They will not pull down on your quilt edge.
WIDE (8 1/2"): Provides even tension across your fabric edge. This reduces side distortion.
THIN: Will not interfere with your extended throat plate or the edge of your machine. No more bumping into the clamps. Quilt right up to the edge of the clamp.
EASY: Snaps on with a pinch of your finger and thumb.
Strap is 72" Long.
NOTE: These clamps are designed to attach onto one layer of fabric. They do not clamp onto batting.

Price: $40.00




After many requests I have finally committed to producing some 'skinny oval' templates for you! They come in 5 different sizes to give you even more opportunities to create unique designs with your machine quilting.

Now introducing 'Skinny ovals"

The width is half of the length of these ovals. ie: 6" skinny oval is 6" x 3"

skinny oval

Fantastic News!!

Sharon Schamber is visiting Australia in May 2009 and will be teaching some classes. The classes for Sharon have been filled very quickly, but I am taking names for the waiting list if anyone needs to drop out! There is space to attend her evening lecture on 'Her Quilting Journey' on Saturday 23rd May however. This is from 7pm and is $25- and includes Sharon's talk, show'n'tell, vendor shopping and door prizes. Country supper also included. Please purchase tickets for Saturday evening via the workshops tab on the website or by phoning to arrange for your ticket to be sent to you.


If anyone is even contemplating purchasing an A1 Longarm quilting machine or an IntelliQuilter computerised system that will go on nearly 'any' brand longarm machine, then don't hesitate to contact me!! Prices are subject to exchange rates at all times. We will be attending Quilt & Craft Expo in Sydney in June 2009, so come along & have a play on the A1 and see how simple & easy it is to use the IntelliQuilter! I will also be teaching some classes on the features of the Intelliquilter at the Longarm Symposium at this event as well.

cheers                                              member of AMQA logo final

Tracey Browning

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